We fuse the art of Coaching with the science of Positive Psychology to create work that is meaningful and individuals who are thriving. We unleash the potential, passion and purpose of individuals, companies and schools alike.


Are you a person in pusuit of your vocation? Do you dream of fulfilling your highest potential, creating greater happiness and meaning whilst serving the world with your unique passion and purpose? Are you on the brink of transition?


Are you in a company where employee engagement  and morale are running low? Would you like to infuse your employess with a greater sense of purpose, passion and and well-being (thus improving quality of work, productivity and inter-personal relationships, whilst reducing absenteeism and burnout)?


Are you a school in which teachers and students alike could benefit from a reduction in stress, increased positivity and higher levels of well-being? Would you like
reconnect teachers to their vocation, and reignite students with the joy of learning?


Psychology has shown us that people who perceive their work as meaningful lead happier and healthier lives. To work within one's vocation means to fulfill one's greatest potential; working with a sense of passion and purpose. Motivation comes easily, as one feels authentically aligned to a personal vision and mission. 
With tools from Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, we guide individuals and organisations on a journey of self-discovery; one in which they will unveil previously hidden strengths and identify core values that solidify their individual and group identity. From this position of empowerment, the individual or group will create meaningful goals that are authentically aligned with their mission. In order to achieve the desired transformation, strategies will be put in place to ensure deep reserves of motivation and resilience. We then support our clients as they strive to these goals, helping them to create meaningful and lasting changes as pursue work as a vocation. A sense of happiness, engagement and meaning at work is the usual outcome.




We identify potential, helping our client to craft a vision from where they are to where they aspire to be. This in-depth exploration of clients' aspirations will then lead to the creation of a detailed action plan.


Through psychological assessment we discover our clients top strengths, identifying ways to leverage these strengths in pursuit of the goal. Such knowledge both empowers and enriches the quest. 


We tap into our client's passion, leveraging its transformative and motivational power. We identify strategic ways to incorporate this passion into both the long and short-term vision.


We create a safe space for our clients;one in which all thoughts, feelings are fears are welcomed. Such disclosure is both empowering and invigorating, allowing the client to overcome limiting beliefs and strive towards authentic goals.


We identify and consolidate the deeply-held values of our clients, so that they inform all decisions made in the transformative process. This leads to personal satisfaction and a sense of meaning.


A sense of well-being is the only possible outcome when a client uses their strengths to strive towards their potential, armed with passion, purpose and authenticity. This well-being fuels further motivation for continued growth.
  • Vocational coaching
  • Transitional coaching
  • Stregths-based coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Positive psychology coaching
  • Positive psychology assesments
  • Positive Psychology Workshops for Teachers
  • Positive Psychology Workshops for Students
  • Growing With Gratitude- Pupil and Teacher Well-Being Program
  • Positive Psychology Retreats- Teachers or Pupils
  • Positive Psychology Assessments

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