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What a Man Can Be, He Must Be

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Do you ever have that little niggling feeling there's something more out there? Something more interesting? More exciting? More fulfilling? You can't quite put your finger on what's missing, but you sure as hell know this CAN'T be all there is. It may creep upon you unexpectedly, in little bouts of frustration or anxiety, or perhaps haunt you in hours, days and weeks of boredom or self-doubt. Perhaps even more dramatically, it may strike you as a crisis- for we all know that which we repress eventually springs out at us like a Jack-in-a- box rearing its comical head!


However the realisation hits us, there is no 'undo' key. Once you get the slightest glimpse into your true potential, you cannot stay in the shadow. You're always going to see the crack of light filtering tantalizing through the door of What Could Be. The question is, do you dare to open it?


Maslow stated that our capacities are necesities- whatever we are capable of becoming, we MUST become. If we try to repress, deny or thwart our natural inclination to growth, we run the risk of falling into a pit of sadness, frustration or even despair. We may pereceive an existential void- something we try to distract ourselves from in the chaos of life. We're always busy 'doing', because we're secretly a little afraid of sitting quietly and just 'being'. Yet it may be in those moments of solitute, of silence and of deep reflection that we let the quiet, yet insistent voice chime thorugh.


We know who we are. We've always known. We know what we're really capable of. We know we simply have to shed the layers of ill-fitting, outdated and mismatched clothes that family, circumstances or life itself may have made us wear. We don't have to look very far- we have all the answers inside of us. Once we rid ourselves of externally-imposed expectations, we get a glimmer of our authenticity. It's dazzlingly bright, and we might have to look away. But slowly, our eyes begin to adjust, and we see ourselves more clearly than ever before.It's from this point of authenticity that you're ready to embrace your true potential. For it's only the fulfillment of these kind of goals that leads to any long-term well-being.


I have a difficult question for you:


In which area of your life are you the most defensive or reactive?


It's taken me a long time to realise that this is the very area that matters most to me. Yet whilst this area of your life may bring the most emotional or psychological pain, growth in this are may generate a deep sense of meaning and psychological well-being.


Can we take this just one step further?


Now you're clear about the aspect of your life in which you wish to develop your strengths and grow into your true potentialities, I'd like you to try a positive psychology exercise in which you clarify your aspirations, strengthen your resolve and get an instant boost of well-being. Please find instructions here:


Now that you've time-travelled into the future, there's no turning back. You've caught sight of the best possible you, and what you can be, you really MUST be. You owe it to yourself this time around.